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A conference that speaks to your whole team individually

September 26, 2018

All In One: A conference that speaks individually to your entire team.

In one day, our goal is to equip your team with the systems, processes, and structures that have helped Next Level Church reach thousands of people with the love of Christ and to see them grow continually in their faith. To do this, we are running 5 simultaneous conferences and limiting the size of this event to allow tons of time for specific questions from your leaders. This will truly be looking behind the curtain of a move of God and diving into anything and everything you ever hoped to know. This is practical, detailed, and all about helping you grow your church and share Jesus with more people! You can look forward to leaving with every system , structure, and process that we can cram onto a flash drive, along with some other gifts & a few special surprises.

Your ticket includes admission for 5 key members of your leadership team. Each team member will spend the entire day going through their own unique leadership track target at their area of expertise. The 5 tracks we will cover are:


Senior Leaders

This track will cover Lead Pastor specifics ranging from preparing a message to leading a staff time and much more.

Executive & Operational Leaders

This track will cover finances, fundraising, database administration, HR, & many more relevant topics.

Next Steps Leaders

Next Steps will cover all aspects of Assimilation & Discipleship from groups strategies to first time guest tracking and everything in between.

Creative Leaders

 The creative track will discuss service planning, specific tips and tricks for each area, systems and structures for organizing the demands of creative departments, and much more!

Family Ministry Leaders

This track is targeted at birth through High School and will have specific times to focus on each individual age group, talking about curriculum, processes, safety, training, volunteers, and more.


Lunch is provided.

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